In the Spirit of Altruism: How Volunteerism Opens Doors


In a time when most people are more focused on pursuing self-serving opportunities than considering the greater good, the world needs more acts of altruism. Of course, too much of anything will be counter-productive to progress, which is why striking the perfect balance between this two is key.

Fortunately, individuals have many opportunities to grow and practice altruism inside their own communities. This is a great way to bring the people within a community together because volunteering allows them to work towards a common goal without the promise of monetary gain.

Besides, not only is volunteerism better for the community, but it’s also better for society because it gives individuals the opportunity to lead more holistic lives through valuable experiences. For instance, if you wanted to explore a future career in healthcare, you could begin by volunteering in hospice care services.

This could be an excellent way for you to meet like-minded people who share your passions and help those in need. As much as volunteerism is great for the community, it can also create more opportunities for you in the future. Here are three ways volunteerism can open doors for you:

Gives Your Valuable Experience in Your Chosen Field

Aside from giving back to the community in which you reside, volunteering for a non-profit organization or community initiative can be the perfect opportunity for you to gain valuable experience in your chosen field. You can treat it like an internship in which your payment is in hands-on training.

Of course, if your main goal is to earn money, then you might not be satisfied with an unpaid internship. But if you’re determined to gain valuable insight and first-hand experience in the field you wish to flourish in one day, then volunteering for your chosen organization can be a great start.

Doing so will expose you to the kind of work you will experience once you choose to begin your career. It can also give you a preview of the lives of the people you’re going to serve, allowing you to understand their situations so that you can help them better.

This is applicable if you wish to pursue careers in social services, healthcare, education, and other professions that work directly with people. Gaining volunteer experience and expertise in the field can give you the upper hand against your future competitors in the position you want to have.

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Expands Your Network Through Connections

During your time as a volunteer in your chosen organization, you may be able to meet people who can connect you to future opportunities, especially once they see that you are passionate about what you do. You might even meet people who are willing to mentor you in your chosen career path.

And you won’t have to go out of your way to make that happen, as long as you can continue to do a good job no matter what task you are given. For instance, if you are to collaborate with a team of other volunteers to manage a project, all you have to do is to work hard and aim for success.

This can show your direct superiors that you have what it takes and that you can work with anyone because you’re dependable, which can hopefully translate into a well-deserved recognition. But even if you don’t get anything in return, you must serve the people with an open heart. That’s what volunteerism is all about.

Adds More Depth and Meaning to Your Life

Lastly, being a volunteer will add more depth and meaning to your life, not because of the materialistic gains but because you’re serving a much bigger purpose than yourself. Through the spirit of volunteerism, you will expose yourself to newer perspectives and different points of view in life.

A good example of this is when you work directly with marginalized communities. You will realize that not everyone enjoys the kind of privileges that you have. Having the option to volunteer is a privilege in itself, and it’s not something that all people can afford because they may be too busy trying to get by.

And while it’s not your fault that you’re living a more comfortable life than others, volunteerism can be an enriching way to get you off the pedestal that you don’t even know you’re on. By investing your resources into meeting people from all walks of life, you may be able to discover a more profound sense of purpose and appreciation for your own life.

Despite the chaos and negativity that continue to plague the earth, some people still take the time to serve a greater purpose than themselves through volunteerism. It might not be the end-all and be-all to bettering society, but at least it will create better and more passionate individuals who live in the service of others.

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