Serving Never Goes Out of Style: The Importance and Benefits of Volunteering


It’s almost been a year since COVID-19 started wreaking havoc in our lives. We’ve been through one of the toughest times in recent history. We’re living in unprecedented times when uncertainty is the only certainty we have.

Dealing with the pandemic has been quite overwhelming to a lot of people. And while we continue to pin our hopes on the government and our elected officials, we need to also acknowledge that dealing with this crisis is also overwhelming them on levels we cannot truly comprehend and relate to.

For this reason, we should all start to look beyond our circumstances and step up to the plate and start swinging that bat. We need to get in the game to increase our odds of winning against COVID-19. At this point, the scoreboard is in favor of the pandemic but if we start to do whatever it is that we can to help our communities recover, we can even it out and start outscoring the enemy.

Why Is Volunteering Important?

Getting involved in the fight against the dreaded disease is not just exclusive for the government, frontline healthcare workers, and essentials. Even regular folks like you and I can do something about it.

You may be a simple handyman, a small business owner, a trusted divorce lawyer, or a barista, you possess certain skills and know-how that can help your community in its recovery and rebuilding efforts. Perhaps your expertise in your field can provide certain breakthroughs for your community so never think that you don’t have a role to play.

Here are some reasons why volunteering is important, especially now and in a post-pandemic world:

1. It builds important and meaningful connections

Volunteering is a great way to meet new and interesting people. It is good for building and expanding your network. But more importantly, especially with social distancing protocols in place, volunteering gives you the chance to connect with other people and give you that much-needed human interaction at this time.

2. It builds greater self-esteem and confidence

When you serve as a volunteer, you know that you are setting out to accomplish something important, especially if it’s for a worthy cause such as rebuilding the community. It gives you a sense of pride and identity boosting your confidence in yourself making you feel great about yourself.

3. It is great for one’s physical health

What comes as a surprise to most folks is the fact that volunteering is good for your physical health, too. A study done in 1999 showed how people who volunteered for 2 or more projects at a time have a 63% lower mortality rate compared to those who don’t volunteer. Furthermore, other studies say that adults who are 50 and over who regularly volunteer are less likely to suffer hypertension.

4. It’s also important for one’s mental health

On top of its physical health benefits, volunteering is also good for a person’s mental health. Just the idea of interacting with people at this time can already help alleviate stress and anxiety. The support system that a person gains from volunteering can help keep one’s mental health in check. Also, the idea that you’re giving to others makes you feel good about yourself.

5. It gives a person a deeper sense of purpose

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Because volunteering has no monetary compensation, a person who chooses to be involved in a project he or she believes in often feels that they are a part of something a lot bigger than themselves. This leads one to have a greater sense of purpose and gives meaning to their existence.

6. It looks good on a resume

In an ultra-competitive job market, when recruiters and employers see on your resume that you have been involved in several volunteer projects, it tells them that you take initiative and are willing to give your time just to make the lives of those around you better.

7. It helps people forget about their own problems

One of the best things about volunteering is it makes you realize how blessed you still are in certain aspects of your life. Seeing how others are doing by immersing yourself in their natural environment can open your eyes and make you see that there are far worse problems around the world than your own. You get to take off your focus on your problems and learn to look beyond your needs because now you realize that you have the power to make someone’s life better with your service.

As you can see, all of the reasons we listed above all have to do with the person volunteering. It is not just the community or the ones in need of help that benefit from your service. Ultimately, the volunteer gets to enjoy a lot of benefits that go with volunteering for a job or project, especially if it’s for a greater and worthy cause.

If we want to speed up the nation’s recovery and rebuilding process, we need to take a step forward and help the government do its work. After all, we are all citizens of this nation and it is our right as well as our responsibility to take care of it and ensure that we have a future to look forward to.

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