Three Reasons Practice Exams Matter

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A lot of people are used to the conventional way of studying. You pick up a book and read it, hoping that you’ll be able to retain all the information you need. But according to scientists, the most effective way to study for an exam is to use practice tests. It’s quite effective that technology companies even issue practice tests like the CompTIA A+ 220-901 for IT people wanting to further their knowledge on the industry.

But, why are practice tests effective in exam preparations? Here are three reasons why.

They simulate the exam experience

Some people who go through conventional studying, like reading their notes and books, suddenly find it difficult to remember everything when they sit down for their exam. That’s because when they were studying, the answers were right there on their books. But when they took the exam, they had to dig through their memory to find the right answers.

It’s a lot like playing the memory game: it seems easy to pair the cards with similar images together when they’re turned upwards. But once you flip them over, it suddenly becomes difficult to remember where the similar cards are.

If you’re using a practice exam, on the other hand, you can simulate the testing experience. You’ll find out what questions you don’t know the answer to and therefore, you’ll be able to ascertain more effectively how much information you’ve already stored in your brain.

They help you fight your fear

A lot of people have exam anxiety despite the fact that they studied diligently for their test. It’s a normal psychological condition that affects hundreds of individuals. Fortunately, taking a practice exam can help you fend off your anxiety when it’s time to take the real test.

Practice exams not only help you figure out what details in the lessons you haven’t stored in your brain yet, but they also boost your confidence. The more answers you get right in a practice exam, the more confident you’ll feel about passing your real test. So, if you suffer from exam anxiety, you should take some practice tests to curb your fear.

They help you avoid procrastination

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According to statistics, 75% of students admit that they’re procrastinators and they will delay studying up to a week before an exam, making it more difficult for them to retain any pertinent information. The reason behind this is that people are built to set aside things that don’t give them a sense of urgency.

If a teacher tells students that six months from now they will have their final exam, most of these students will delay studying until they’re only a few weeks away from the exam day. It’s related to the Dunning-Kruger effect, wherein students mistakenly feel that they know more about their lessons.

But if you take a practice test, you’ll see right away how little you know about your lessons if you haven’t reviewed yet. Armed with this information, you’ll probably feel the urge to start studying even when your test is a month away.

Taking a practice exam can help you in so many ways. Not only will it help you figure out what you still don’t know, but it will also help boost your self-confidence.

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