Home Discipline: Juggling Between Multiple Remote Jobs

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Making the transition from working at an office to your home is not as easy as you think. There is a different discipline that you have to learn for the latter. It does have amazing benefits. You do not have to brave the morning rush, dress code is not as important, and you get to hang out with your family as much as you want. But there is also a good chance that you will develop a sedentary lifestyle. You should take a health coach training program, so you can reach your goal of becoming the fittest version of yourself.

Once you have gotten most things down pat, you can consider signing up for more jobs. You will have no problem sending out applications to numerous employers online, as there are many others out there who offer work that can be done remotely. If ever you nail a couple more, the next thing you need to learn is how to juggle all of them and not sacrificing the quality of your work.

Time Management

One of the key things to success when you have more than one job is skillful time management. You have to know which tasks are most important so that you can have them prioritized immediately. There are also merits to targeting the low-hanging fruits and getting those quick wins in case you are having trouble starting a momentum. If you have cleared off the urgent ones, you can start going for the larger or more difficult projects. Even if you are not able to complete them, touching them will give you an idea of how daunting they can be, and this will allow you to strategize on how to tackle them.

Work Environment

You will need to have a proper workspace that will give you lots of breathing room to handle your jobs. For the hardware, if you can get at least two computers up and running, that will eliminate a lot of bottlenecks. It is also ideal if they each have two monitors. That will save you a lot of time switching between multiple windows. Your desk area should be spacious enough to house maybe a couple of small whiteboards where you can write or paste notes.

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Working on multiple tasks could take a toll on your sanity, and it could lead you to constantly thinking about going on breaks just to keep up. While some of those urges are valid, some could just be borne out of getting lazy. You have to make sure that you are not just distracted and keep yourself focused on the jobs at hand. Try to switch your mindset to where you derive satisfaction by completing your tasks. This is where seeing your long list being chipped off one by one gives you the drive to see it being cleared all the way.

The great thing about having multiple jobs is having a larger income. It is something that will be greatly felt by your family. You will live more comfortably as time goes by. But it also takes a lot of work to maintain all of it, so you need to prepare yourself for some tough challenges ahead. If you are able to overcome much of the growing pains, you should be able to handle any task that will come your way.

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