Blue-collar Jobs: More Than Manual Labor

construction workers

To say that blue-collar jobs require a good amount of physicality is selling it short. You might also need visual acuity, spatial awareness, and some imagination to be successful in the field. Some great examples that require this level of competence are plumber jobs. These would require you to know the behavior of fluids. When you lay down the pipes, you should have already mapped out the area. From here, you will estimate how much of that you need to cover. You are working on a budget, so you cannot just keep adding pipes while you are working on the project.

Blue-collar workers have special skills that take years of practice to develop. They become more valuable as they gather experience. We all have our own areas of specializations, and here are some well-known jobs that we should be more appreciative of:

Garbage Disposal

garbage collectorsYou may be wondering how healthy those working in garbage disposal are. After all, they are always exposed and even handle the filthiest stuff you can imagine. For this reason, it would be really apt to say that it is a dirty job but someone has to do it. But collecting the trash is not just the activity here.

Garbage trucks may drive like any other vehicle on the road, but some of them have special hardware built into them. There are those that feature a compactor. So if you are the one driving, learning how to operate this will be required of you, too. And once you learn, the truck will then be an extension of you.


While garbage collectors focus on the visible clutter on the streets, sanitation specialists deal with things that are unnoticeable. Being part of a cleaning service crew falls under this. If your house is being serviced by them, expect them to go deep. They will be out there and leave no stone unturned.

They will make sure that all corners of your house will look like new. Their job does not just of scrubbing and dusting; they have other things that they need to think about. Working with cleaning solutions and other materials entails some knowledge of chemistry.

Electrical Installation Work

You have probably heard the saying that money makes the world go round. That may be true, but electricity can power a nation. It basically breathes life into inanimate objects or what you call your electronic devices. But like the others, there is more to being an electrician. It is not just about making sure that your wiring within your house walls and ceilings is in the right places. You also have to know about the properties of various conductors and insulators. So basically, you need to know a good deal of physics to be a great electrician.

The world is so varied that you need different kinds of professionals to work on different tasks. Falling under the blue- or white-color workforce is not relevant. What is important is that you recognize and fulfill your purpose in this world.

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