What Appliances Do Orthodontists Need in Their Offices?

Orthodontists perform many services, and depending on how often they perform certain dental procedures will also be key in helping determine what and how many appliances orthodontists need in their offices. It is also helpful for orthodontists to have an idea of how many appliances they will typically need when working with orthodontic appliance suppliers for appliance orders. Elastics, for example and as the attached video displays, is an appliance that will be used often and regularly by many different patients, but few appliances are used as frequently as elastics.

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Although some appliances are used more often than others, Orthodontists still use a number of different appliances in their office and for dental procedures. This is also where it is important for orthodontists to understand and be aware of what types of appliances they use most often and less often. This will not only help orthodontists’ offices to better manage expenses and inventory, but it will also enable orthodontists to provide patients with the best possible service and care.

What appliances do you need, use, and stock in your dental practice? Having the answers to these questions will benefit your practice, your patients, and your bottom line, and that is good dental practice for everyone.

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