Types of Evidence at the Scene of Accidents Involving Trucks

Speeding truck

You might be involved in several road mishaps even if you are a careful driver. After all, you cannot vouch for the driving skills of other drivers nor can you guarantee that pedestrians and other road users will observe safety regulations. One of the most devastating accidents you can be involved in is one with a truck. This is not only because of the substantial damage you can sustain but also because of the multiple defendants that can make your case challenging.

Getting a truck accident lawyer in Denver and other locations immediately after your accident is essential. Unlike lawyers skilled in handling other accident cases, this lawyer knows the complexities of truck-related accidents and will act accordingly to help with your claim. People assume that they can handle the initial moments of their accident and will only call an attorney when the trucking company, driver, and consignor start denying their claim.

This alternative, unfortunately, only weakens their case since the crucial evidence at the accident scene might have been shoddily gathered or not gathered at all. The following are the types of evidence that the attorney will focus on preserving at the accident scene to strengthen your case.

Black Box Data

Commercial trucks have a black box or event data recorder. This device records operational details, including the truck’s speed, brake application, acceleration, airbag deployment, driving time, and seat belt use. Getting this data might be a challenge, more so if it implicates the truck’s driver in the accident’s causation. Fortunately, your attorney can subpoena the trucking company to produce this evidence.

Accident Scene Photos

Your story on what happened at the accident scene might not be convincing to the courts without some photographic evidence. Images of your accident scene are essential to help understand the dynamics that might have caused the crash. In some cases, accident reconstruction experts will be needed to interpret the photos and ascertain what might have led to it based on the damage.

Video Surveillance

Most commercial trucks and a few personal vehicles now have dash cams. The surveillance captured on these cameras will be essential for showing the courts how the accident happened and who should be held at fault. Moreover, most streets and shops now have CCTV cameras that might have captured the accident. It is important to get the recordings from these establishments immediately since most of them do not backup their videos and these are erased after a few hours.

Police Reports

Police precint

The police who respond to your accident will also file a detailed report of the happenings. This report will contain valuable information that might corroborate your narrative of what happened. It also contains witness testimonies and statements from the other people involved in your crash.

It is understandable to be confused after an accident and none the wiser on how you should handle your case after this. Having an attorney to handle your case from the get-go and pursue the above forms of evidence is essential. This way, you will have the peace of mind to focus on seeking medical attention and getting your life to as near normal as possible after the accident with an assurance of fair compensation.

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