The Easiest Ways to Grow Your Orthodontic Practice


There are plenty of things to think about when running an orthodontic clinic. From handling appointments, managing staff, and treating patients — it’s difficult to find time to implement ways to optimize your practice. But, in today’s ultra-competitive healthcare industry, standing out from the crowd should be one of your priorities. Here are a few easy tips to get yourself out there and grow your orthodontic practice:

Improve your online presence

The best way to get the word about your business out there is to be online. As you’ve got limited time on your hands, this is probably the last thing on your mind. You have more important things to think about as an orthodontist, so you should consider hiring a team of experts that specialize in orthodontist digital marketing services. Having a digital marketing strategy in place means utilizing social media marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) efforts to help introduce your business to thousands of potential clients and boost revenue. 

Set-up a referral rewards program

Word of mouth is an excellent way to grow your client base. An effective referral depends on trust and need. Referrals happen when a person who needs dental care receives a good review of your practice coming from a relative or a close friend whose opinion they value. As they trust that person, this kind of endorsement is usually better than traditional advertising practices. A referral program can encourage people to refer your practice to more people. You can offer discounts or incentives to clients who refer you or clients who come in through referrals. Simply make sure to build a reputation as an excellent orthodontic practitioner so that your clients will be more inclined to recommend you.

Diversify your services

Diversifying your services can pique the interest of other prospective clients and set you apart from your competitors. You offer different treatments or perhaps use specific instruments that aren’t commonly offered in most clinics. You could also upgrade the size of your clinic, improve accessibility, or hire more staff. Think about the various needs of your clients and meet them. Simply be sure that you don’t overwork yourself or stretch your practice thin. Find a balance between diversifying your services and maintaining excellent quality.

Offer incentives

Orthodontic care can be expensive and often not covered by insurance. By offering incentives, you can attract a host of potential new clients. Examples of such incentives could include providing free consultations to new patients, special packages and promotions, giving discounts to full cash payments up-front, discounts on their next visit, or reward partnerships with other stores. 

Meet with other dentists

A referral from another dentist opens up a lot more possibilities than just a simple referral from past clients. Patients trust and value their dentists, so they’ll be inclined to trust you too. Build relationships with your local dentists and find ways to network with them. Don’t forget to thank them for every patient referral and do the same for them.

It’s easy to attract more patients to your clinic even if you have plenty of other things to think about. Follow these tips and you’ll be able to grow your practice exponentially.

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