The Daily Life of a Massage Therapist

Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of a massage therapist would look like? In the video above a massage therapy supervisor takes you through her day-to-day. Let’s explore how her day unfolds.

To begin the reporter goes into how the locations she can work at can be different every single day. Some of the locations one could work at include wellness centers, hospitals, and even cancer centers.

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She then goes on to her daily assignments and how they can be different every single day as well. Some of the tasks the reporter does in her daily routine could include chair massages for employees, palliative care programs, or even helping individuals with Parkinson’s disease.

Next, the reporter goes into how this career field has the opportunity to be different every single day. But that does not take away from how rewarding working as a massage therapy worker can be on a daily basis. You are working with people and that can be rewarding in itself. The reporter demonstrates this by saying how her patients can be stressed out and how fulfilling it is to know that she has bettered their day. If you’re considering a career as a massage therapist, hopefully, this has given you a better picture of what their daily life looks like.



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