Technology and the Pandemic: Improving Access to Healthcare


Importance of Healthcare

Healthcare is an essential component of society, and all people need access to it at some point in their lives. Access to healthcare will give people opportunities to improve their health outcomes and monitor health trends. Healthcare also paves the way towards the proper maintenance of people’s health and improving medical services to cater to the people’s medical demands.

In society today, the growing health demands of people are widely recognized and difficult to undermine. As a result, accessibility to healthcare must always be guaranteed. Without access to healthcare services, people are at risk of developing health complications that could compromise their health and well-being. Therefore, society needs to find a way to sustain better healthcare trends and practices for the public’s benefit.

Healthcare and the Pandemic

The onset of the pandemic has wreaked havoc in society. Healthcare resources in society have been greatly affected because people cannot simply access healthcare services and resources without risking themselves to exposure. The implementation of quarantine and isolation protocols have prevented most people from venturing outside their homes. However, what happens when there are healthcare emergencies?

This is the question that most people worry about. A lot of people need to visit their doctors regularly because of health complications. Others need to visit healthcare institutions to seek care and treatment. However, even going to hospitals and other healthcare facilities has become a major risk for contracting the disease. Eliminating the need to have access to healthcare is out of the question. To address this problem, a sustainable solution has been created through the use of technology and innovation.

Technology and Healthcare

One of the greatest benefits of technology is innovation. Innovation has paved the way towards enhanced convenience, comfort, and accessibility for the people. The Internet is one of the most beneficial inventions under innovations in technology. Through the Internet, people are given the liberty to communicate freely, appease their thirst for knowledge, and answer any questions they may have. The Internet has also paved the way towards better accessibility to most services, especially during the pandemic.

In healthcare, the mobile integrated healthcare concept is one of the innovative inventions created to enhance healthcare services access. This concept has allowed people, especially patients, to have access to healthcare services without leaving the comforts and safety of their homes. Aside from this, this concept has also enabled people living in rural areas to access healthcare services despite the barriers brought by geographical factors.


How Does It Work?

Technology is known for making life more convenient for people. Using technology to improve health outcomes has been one of the greatest advantages of innovation. After all, technology has improved access to healthcare services by connecting people despite the pandemic. This is a great advantage to people because they no longer need to risk exposure to health assessments.

The onset of the pandemic has caused a lot of healthcare facilities to shut their doors to patients who only require minor healthcare services. One of the reasons behind this is that most hospitals are overwhelmed with the increasing number of patients and the lack of healthcare staff to perform healthcare procedures. However, some people would insist on visiting healthcare facilities even for minor healthcare concerns. Therefore, hospitals have decided to close their doors to minor health concerns to prevent people from putting themselves and others at risk exposure.

To maximize the use of technology, patients now have the opportunity to open an application or visit a healthcare website using a browser. By doing this, they can get in touch with healthcare representatives who will cater to their healthcare needs. This way, people no longer have to leave the comforts and safety of their homes to access healthcare services.

Services Offered

Healthcare applications and websites accessible on mobile phones and other gadgets can support online consultations, communication with healthcare providers, and even health assessments. In case of emergencies, patients or their families can use mobile applications or use healthcare websites to contact emergency services so that healthcare providers from selected healthcare facilities can dispatch a paramedic to assess a patient.

If the patient requires a transfer to a hospital or needs further medical treatment, the patient will accompany the paramedic back to the healthcare facility for further treatment. To make this possible, the paramedic can use the application or the website to call for the most appropriate transportation level. All of these processes have been made available because of technological innovations in healthcare.

Convenience and Accessibility

The use of technology to enhance accessibility in healthcare has paved the way towards better health outcomes despite the pandemic. Maximizing technology can offer a lot of benefits in healthcare. Patients need to explore the opportunities presented to them, especially since the pandemic has made it extremely difficult to move around even if the purpose is to fulfill health-related endeavors. Therefore, technology has paved the way towards enhanced convenience and accessibility for the public.

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