Self-Care Rules: Tips to Pamper Yourself While Working from Home

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Self-care is as important as productivity when working from home. You may be working hard to achieve a quota or a desired income, but have you asked yourself if you are also investing in taking care of yourself?

When working from home, it is easy to slip into bad habits that can damage your health. As distinctions between personal space and working space have been blurred, we sometimes slack off and stop practicing the healthy habits we are taught to do. ;

With the current pandemic, an estimated 36 million Americans will be working remotely by 2025. This is a great increase from the current number of home-based workers. Millions of people have to adapt to this unconventional working style that may differ from what they were used to.

If you are a home-based worker, here are important tips and reminders that may be helpful for you.

Set healthy boundaries between work and home. Make sure to keep them.

In an office, we are governed by company rules, and we are forced to work at certain periods of the day. In most remote tasks, you can work any time of the day as long as you deliver the promised goods and services within a deadline.

This condition is both a blessing and a liability. Because of its lenient hours, it is easy to forget your normal sleeping hours and spend more late nights to finish a task. This should not happen.

Instead, stick to a routine to maintain a healthy balance between work and play. A routine may be a definite schedule. It could also be a set of activities such as making your bed, tidying your workspace, allowing natural light in your room, and eating healthy food that makes you feel good inside and out.

Start the day right with healthy habits.

You may have felt a sense of freedom as you are spared from the boring commute. Congratulations! Make the best of your morning well with a relaxing morning self-care practice. Just as a cup of coffee energizes you. A relaxing yoga stretch or a fulfilling morning run are essentials to set your mind to meet productivity goals for the day.

Exercise and meditation also boost emotional and spiritual resilience, skills that you need in those long hours working without many people around you.


End the day well.

After-work rituals are as important as your morning routine. Whether it was a bad day or not, consider recording your thoughts in a journal. Pour your happiness, frustrations, and hurts on paper and experience the relaxing effect afterward.

Having trouble sleeping? Journal your fears and challenges before going to bed. Put on some calming music and meditate on it. ;

Do you have a tub at home? Great! Spend a few minutes in your tub or shower and let the water drain your worries away. Be pampered using the most comfortable microfiber towels you can get. Make sure to practice cleaning these microfiber towels regularly to avoid mildew, molds, and bacteria from getting in contact with your skin.

Invest in a nice, comfortable working station.

The long hours spent in front of your computer could be taxing to your health. At first, you may be satisfied working in bed with your laptop until the time comes when your back hurts. You can avoid back pains and muscle strain if you sit on a convenient office chair that promotes comfort and healthy posture.

Situate your workspace in an area with sufficient lighting and air. Prioritize the health of your eyes. Consider adding anti-radiation protectors in front of your computer.

Also, try to work in a quiet environment where you can focus on your task and clearly see or listen to clients’ instructions. ;

Take time away from the screen.

Take scheduled breaks from your screen. This is primarily to protect your eyes. Getting up from your seat should also be a vital part of your routine. Go out, catch some air and sunshine. Take time to linger in your garden to refresh your eyes.

After finishing all your tasks, consider getting into productive hobbies such as reading a book, baking a cake, learning an instrument. Going to the gym, scheduling meet-ups with friends, spending time with your pets, or talking to your neighbors and friends are healthy ways to get your eyes off the screen and live your life.

There is surely more to life than the confines of your home. Remember, your remote setup is just a means to experience the many wonders of life. Keep healthy and realistic goals outside work, and try to work on them.

Try your best to maintain communication and friendships with friends. Your friends and family are waiting for you to finish your tasks and spend time with them.



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