Scrolling through Your Phone Again? Here’s How You Can Stay Focused

If you want to make the most out of your day, focus is vital. Knowing how to master your concentration is a hot commodity in a time when we have distractions left and right. That’s why learning commons and co-working offices are a big hit nowadays. They set the ambiance for peak productivity and uninterrupted work.

Are you struggling with your focus? These pointers on productivity will help everyone unlock this skill, from digital nomads to people asking how to start a co-working space business.

Find the perfect ergonomic furniture

“Perfect” here doesn’t pertain to a one-size-fits-all type of ergonomic furniture. It just means that whatever you’re sitting on while doing work should be good for your posture and conducive to maintaining your concentration. It can be a reclining chair, a balance ball chair, or a high bar stool – it’s your call.

Your work station should follow suit too. A typical desk is fine, but you can add partitions to maximize focus and add essential wall space to your station. Desk height will matter. A standing desk will keep you productive while staying mobile.

Study your senses

Next, improve your environment. This will entail evaluating your sensibilities. What sounds, scents, sights, and even temperature works best for you?

Explore ambient sounds like looping jazz music or natural noise to keep your focus – nothing too loud or disruptive. Particular fragrances are meant to keep your concentration, like cedarwood or peppermint.

Always maintain good natural lighting in your workspace. Experiment on wall colors – paint a color that best affects positive responses in your brain. Set the temperature to a balmy 72 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal productivity. You don’t want unwarranted bathroom breaks while you’re deep in work!

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Develop a strategy

Now that you’ve customized your workspace, it’s time to work on yourself.

Wake up early and furnish a plan. Sort your agenda from easiest to the most complex. Discover what time of the day is best for your productivity. This can be during your morning high or right after your early evening workout – it’s not the same for all people. Regardless, stick to your to-do list, and don’t be afraid to reward yourself for completing even simple tasks. Don’t overwhelm yourself by multi-tasking! As efficient as it sounds, multi-tasking only muddles your productivity and decision-making faculties by taking on many jobs at once.

Also, don’t forget to keep your work area clean! They say a cluttered space is a sign of genius, but who says you can’t be a focused and organized genius?

Be kind to yourself

Mastering your focus will not take place overnight. It’s a habit that you must build little by little every day, and it starts with tweaking your routine to develop these traits.

Practice putting down your phone. Leave it somewhere far before you sleep and right as you’re starting to work. Not only do you shun distractions this way, but you also take care of your mental welfare by keeping a quiet inner voice.

Remember to stand up and walk around to keep your blood flowing. This prevents you from being sedentary and keeps your creative juices flowing.

Being focused doesn’t equate to being overworked. Productivity means differently for everyone. Explore the Pomodoro technique, or commit to one-hour long work sprints then immediately rest.

Lastly, don’t forget to record your progress. Whether it’s reduced screen-time, or more items checked off your list, monitoring your improvement gives you the necessary encouragement to continue your productivity journey. It helps to have someone holding you accountable.

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