Protect Before Damage: How to Avoid Cracking Your Smartphone Screen

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Cracking the screen of your smartphone is a common occurrence these days. As phones are becoming larger and larger, they are becoming more challenging to grasp safely, and with a little mishap, down it goes, and say goodbye to your screen. Now it can be fixed, and it’s easy to have your cell phone screen repaired. In Salt Lake City, Utah, there are a lot of shops that can do a decent job of fixing your phone, but is there a way to avoid breaking your screen?

As smartphones become more and more indispensable to our daily lives, a broken screen is an annoyance you can’t just overlook. Here are four ways you can protect your screen from physical damage.

  • Put it in a Bumper Case

    The most obvious way to prevent damage to your phone screen is to enclose it with a protective case. A lot of companies offer aftermarket bumper cases for almost all models of smartphones, and to make it more attractive to customers, they come up with more stylish designs. Can it protect your phone from all sorts of drops? Well, there are two main types of bumper cases—there is the lighter and more stylish one, and there is the not so good looking but tougher one. The lighter one is good only for minor falls, and it can protect your phone from a few scratches, but it’s not good enough to protect your gadget from a heavy fall. The tougher one may not be as good looking, but it is capable of absorbing the impact from a fairly reasonable height. It has some heavy-duty ridges at the edges of the smartphone that can absorb the shock of the fall.

  • Protect the Screen with Tempered Glass

    Another way to protect your screen from damage is to install tempered glass. It is installed on top of your screen and does a pretty good job of protecting it from damage caused by a drop. Depending on the quality, tempered glass can range from $2 to $35. A cheaper option would be to install a plastic screen protector, but it is suitable only for protection from scratches. When it comes to the shock from a reasonably high fall, plastic screens won’t cut it.

  • Use Pop Socket for Better Hold

    When your hold is not good, you will drop your phone sooner or later. That’s why pop sockets have proven to be an excellent tool to hold your phone firmly. It is a plastic device that is attached to the back of your phone to give you a better hold. It helps a lot when texting and taking selfies. You can hold it with either one or two fingers, and immediately, you can feel and improved control over your device.

  • Use a Car Phone Holder

    It’s not uncommon to drop your phone when you use it while driving. When it happens, the chances of breaking the screen is enormous. To avoid this, you better install a car phone holder. Now you can check navigation, attend to calls even while driving.

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As manufacturers push for larger screens in their flagship devices, screen damage has become a common occurrence. Dropping your phone can mean its death sentence, but there are ways that you can prevent that from happening. Try to consider these options so you can avoid damaging your phone screen.

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