Online Shopping and E-commerce Sees Growth amidst the Pandemic

Online shopping

Quarantines and lockdowns have put the world on a standstill, but there is one area where people remain active: the Internet. The web has made it possible for much of the world to function. Companies, governments, schools, and all other organizations have used it to remain functional, and many now see the value not only of social media but also of apps like Zoom and TikTok.

But nowhere has the Internet seen a more surprising rise in activity than in e-commerce. As people are spending more time at home and many shops are closed, people have resorted to online shopping to buy the many things they need—food orders, clothes, books, toys, and even home cleaning supplies. Even businesses are delivering documents and papers wrapped in poly bubble mailers to their clients and employees, so business will continue. So if you see a delivery man taking several boxes and bags down the road, don’t be surprised to find the following items.


Restaurants, bars, and other establishments are still closed, so it’s no surprise that people ordered more alcoholic drinks online. In the United Kingdom, there was an increase of 14 percent in sales of alcoholic beverages online. Overall, the sales of alcohol in supermarkets and groceries jumped to 27 percent since April.

Beddings and Sheets

More people staying indoors means more people seeking comfort or home improvements, so it was not surprising at all that people wanted new sheets to make their home environments more relaxing and comfortable during a stressful time like a pandemic. Also, most people wanted to change their sheets more often than they do, as a safety measure against the virus.

Gym Equipment

People have more free time, and with that comes a desire for self-improvement, health, and sanity. And the most basic thing that could give them all this is exercise. Yoga mats, treadmills, and all kinds of exercise gear increased online sales by 496 percent. Many retailers feel this is only a temporary surge, and once the ‘new normal’ settles in, store sales would go back to their normal numbers.


People bought groceries online, as many did not want to go to supermarkets and shops to brave the queues and crowds. Many people resorted to panic buying, seeing a jump in sales for products like toilet paper, flour, pasta, and even canned food. Many people had no choice but to order online for their groceries, as social distancing measures and limited numbers in shops prevented most people from going outside.

Beauty Products

It seems counter-intuitive, but makeup sales online grew by 57 percent since March. Experts say that makeup is an affordable luxury, and people often buy affordable luxuries in times of stress. Makeup and clothes make people feel good about themselves, and so their sales increased even as the lockdown progressed.

What all this reveals is that uncertain times make people look for the things that comfort them or make them feel in control of their lives. Whether it’s exercise equipment or a beauty product that boosts their self-esteem, shopping online for things that make people feel good will continue, even as the pandemic rages worldwide.





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