Old-school Activities Your Kids Will Enjoy

Pre-school kids lying on the floor with toy blocks

Kids nowadays have the luxury to learn via technology. Through apps, they have access to educational entertainment where they garner information they normally wouldn’t in typical day-to-day occurrences. At the same time, being accustomed to technology early on in their lives can prepare them to a future that is more sophisticated than the present. Although there are apps and programs that are effective in developing their learning capabilities, the use of gadgets still has certain disadvantages.

Spending more time on their gadgets means less time developing personal connections with the people around them. Because learning is done in front of a screen, parents tend to have fewer opportunities to impart their own knowledge to their kids. The entertainment brought by gadgets is chosen over the bonding moment between parent and child.

This is why learning through shared experience is making a comeback. For instance, companies such as Studentreasures Publishing have taken it upon themselves to reintroduce the magic of storytelling to kids. Kids are encouraged to create their own narratives and illustrations that will eventually be turned into hardbound books. Advocacy encourages kids to create and collaborate together. It gives importance to the traditional way of sparking one’s imagination. In addition to reading books and writing stories, here are other old-school activities that you can incorporate into your children’s daily routine.

Arts and crafts

Children, from all generations, will always have a heart for creating and messing things up with their hands. Letting your child touch real art materials instead of a coloring page on a tablet will help them develop their senses and motor skills.

Arts and crafts is an encouraging way for your children to express themselves and use their imagination. It will give them confidence and fulfillment, knowing that they can create something with their own hands. Let them turn a cardboard box into anything they desire—just like the old times!

Board games

Playing board games was every family’s default bonding activity in the past. There are board games that can be played through your phone or tablet, but this activity will keep all members of the family away from their gadgets for a bit. Take advantage of this moment to bond and connect with your children.

There’s nothing like sharing laughter with the family while playing classic board games such as Jenga and Snakes and Ladders. For children who are older, playing Scrabble will help improve their vocabulary skills. Also, an accidental made-up word from the game can turn into one of your family’s many inside jokes.

Cooking and Baking

Children playing with clay

Including your children—regardless of their gender—into your cooking and baking activities can help them develop their cognitive and motor skills. This will also teach them how to eat healthily. The activity will expose them to various tastes, ingredients, and cultural dishes early on in their lives. In effect, they will learn not to be picky with their food. For safety reasons, choose the kitchen activities that are appropriate for your children’s age group.

There are many other activities you enjoyed as a kid that you can introduce to your children. Perhaps you can even include an activity that is unique to your family. Not only will you be passing down a family tradition, but you will also be giving them a childhood worth remembering.

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