Liquid Storage: What Is a Drum Heater For?

drum heaters inside a warehouse

If you are operating a warehouse, you are likely to stock all sorts of items in your facility. With that in mind, you will need the proper equipment to ensure that the things you are storing remain in good condition. If one of your clients intends to store viscous liquids in your warehouse, for instance, you are going to need drum heaters for them.

A drum heater is used for warming up the contents of a barrel to a certain temperature, through either electricity or steam. There are various kinds of drum heaters for different types of drums.

Drum heaters for plastic

If your client has plastic drums in your warehouse, use drum heaters designed specifically for these kinds of containers. They are flexible and they look a little like those blood pressure cuffs that you find in clinics and hospitals.

You can easily fit them to any container regardless of size because they are flexible. These drum heaters are equipped with 200 to 450W of electricity.

Drum heaters for metal

If you have metal containers, there are two kinds of drum heaters you can use, namely metallic heating belts and flexible heating belts. If you use the former, however, take note that you need to know the diameter of your barrels first.

Metallic heating belts can be adjusted according to the diameter of the barrel. But it would be much easier to fit them if you know beforehand the size of your barrels.

They are equipped with 1000 to 2500W of electricity, which is a lot more juice than the drum heaters for plastic barrels. So, if you want to keep the liquid in your barrels in liquid form during winter, choose these drum heaters.

There are also the flexible heating belts, which are easier to attach to various sizes of barrels. These are equipped with 300 to 1500W of electricity. They are still much more powerful than the drum heaters for plastic, so they are also a good choice if you wish to warm up your barrels when the temperature outside is quite low.

Why do you need them?

new drum heaters covered in plastic

The reason you need drum heaters is to maintain the liquids in your barrels in their liquid state. Liquids can freeze when the temperature outside dips, and if you place the liquid in a melting pot or device, you might alter its chemical components.

So, in order to keep those liquids in their liquid state, you need drum heaters to make sure that their temperature will not drop. Items like epoxy should be kept in a warm temperature; otherwise, it will harden and stick to the barrel, rendering it useless.

Another reason is to prevent some of the liquids from getting contaminated. Some liquids, such as resin, need to be kept in a high temperature to preserve their quality.

Drum heaters are useful tools to preserving the quality of liquids in barrels. If your business is into storing liquids and making sure that they are in perfect condition, it is wise to invest in drum heaters.

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