Lessons from Mulan that Will Help You Become the Best Employee


When you need a job, you can look for a staffing solutions agency. These experts can match you with the right job and employer. By now, though, you know it takes more than a specific skillset to ace an interview and even stick to your work. If you want to become an asset to your team, take a hint from Mulan.

1. Trainability

Mulan had all the potential to be a warrior (it can even be in her genes!), but potential can only get you far. During the early stages of her camp training, she failed numerous times. If there’s one thing this heroine possesses, it’s her willingness and commitment to training.

Even when you have talent, everyone goes through an adjustment phase. After all, every job can be unique. Every organization has its own culture. How can you sell your trainability? Adweek provides some ideas. According to it, you need to have:

  • Adaptability
  • Dedication
  • Deference
  • Enthusiasm

Adaptability means you can learn quickly, but you can do that only when you have deference. That implies you’re willing to accept you don’t know everything. Even if you know a lot, you’re open to unlearning.

Dedication, meanwhile, emphasizes consistency as learning is not an overnight process. Lastly, enthusiasm is what will fuel your determination to learn or adapt skills for the job.

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2. Integrity

Was Mulan honest all the time? No, she wasn’t, but it’s not the only thing that defines her authenticity. She went all out to help her friends, even if it could mean death. Integrity is one of the critical soft skills employers look for because of the following reasons:

  • Inside job is one of the leading causes of business expenses. It can cost as much as $50 billion annually. It could even lead to 33% of bankruptcies.
  • Misconduct is pervasive around the world. In a 2016 Global Business Ethics Survey (GBES), 22% of the participants felt pressure to do the wrong thing by their organization. The median rate for global misconduct in the workplace was 33%.

To be a person with integrity means you have a strong moral compass. Even when no one is watching you, the company is assured you will always do the right thing.

3. Innovation and Resourcefulness

Remember when Mulan used Mushu to fire a rocket that caused an avalanche? Without it, her band of warriors would have met certain death in the hands of their enemy. Most of all, she used a convincing disguise to substitute her father!

Innovation is what separates Apple from other tech brands. Its iPhone, for example, set the stage for the normalcy of touchscreen and played a role in the decline of Blackberry.

Meanwhile, as the saying goes, only the tough get going when the going gets tough. With resourcefulness, you and your organization can sail through many challenges. You can even discover new processes or products that will not only make you competitive but also the leader of the pack.

Mulan is a fictional character, but you can use her as an inspiration to rise above challenges and make yourself a valuable team player in the workplace.

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