Investing in Yourself Does Not Need to Cost Money


When you think of investing, you probably think you need to start from a place of wealth. Even if you’re not a millionaire, you at least want to have some money saved in your account before you splurge, right? Actually, this is the exact opposite of how you should be looking at investing in yourself.

Your needs and personal improvement matter just as much as the pricey home or expensive spa visits that many use synonymously with self-care. Those are not what you should focus on.

Cutting Ties with Toxic People

cutting ties

This is something that will not cost you money to do and in the long run, you may even save money by cutting toxic people off your life. Toxic people bring you down and make you feel bad. When they do, you want to look elsewhere for ways to build yourself back up. They might say you’ve gained weight, and this sends you into a panic to buy more flattering clothes or to get a gym membership. Their approval is important to you so you will do what you can to get it. You might also be spending on expensive gifts for them when you could have been saving that money for yourself. One thing that might cost you some money is that visit to a family lawyer in Denver, CO, but if you’re doing that, it means your spouse is the toxic one. The cost will be worth it once you’re free from the suffocating marriage and can thrive as an independent person.

Getting Enough Sleep

With people preaching about how work is life and we should earn as much as we can to save and retire comfortably, you might feel guilty about getting some decent sleep. But when you deprive yourself of sleep, you’re actually working against yourself. Your productivity suffers, and your energy levels are down. You also tend to make more impulsive decisions — ever wondered why you bought that useless, random, or unhealthy item on your latest grocery shopping trip? Yes, sleep deprivation might be to blame. You’re also risking your life, especially if you’re driving in this condition. Your reflexes are slow, which is a bad thing when everything on the road can pose dangers.

Slowing Down

The more stressful your job is, the higher you are paid by the hour. This causes a vicious cycle of you wanting to work more to earn more, and working more stresses you more. In the end, the only person losing is you. The company you’re working for will replace you with a younger, healthier, or more productive employee in a heartbeat. You will be left with the stress you’ve accumulated. Alleviating some of this stress can cost money if you consider them extravagant “breaks.” But, a healthier way to deal with a stressful work environment is to set boundaries, which you can do for free. Don’t take work home. Spend quality time with your family. Watch that Netflix show. Sleep. Learn to log off.

You don’t need to be a robot or a doormat for other people. Be kind to yourself and be wise in choosing the people and activities you actively surround yourself with.

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