How to Study if You Have ADHD

If you have been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), you know that it’s such a tedious task to stay focused on whatever you’re trying to do. It’s especially difficult if you’re studying for an exam, like the CompTIA Network+ N10-007. But, there are ways to help yourself concentrate on reviewing your lessons despite your condition.

Use a practice test

Don’t bother with rereading your reviewers if you can’t test yourself if you’ve learned what you’ve read. According to psychologists, asking a person with ADHD to reread anything is like asking a person who hasn’t driven before to study repeatedly a manual on how to drive.

People with ADHD won’t be able to retain any information if they just keep rereading a book they need to study. So, to know if you’ve retained any information you read on your book or reviewer, you need to test yourself.

Fortunately, you can get various practice tests online. So, grab one that fits the exam you’re going to take and see if you were able to memorize or understand any of the lessons you’re supposed to learn.

Don’t cram

Science says that our attention span is quite short: we can only focus on one subject matter for less than an hour. This means that if you spend more than an hour trying to study something, you won’t be able to retain any of the information you’re trying to cram in your head.

With this in mind, you should start studying at least a week or two before the scheduled exam. Allot at least 30 minutes every day to study your lessons, which will help you avoid cramming.

Exercise daily

Keeping your body fit and staying focused actually have a connection, according to scientists. This is because when you exercise, you pump more blood into your brain, which means that you’re helping your brain to function better.

So, you should at least allot 30 minutes every day to exercise. You can run around the block or hit the gym to get your exercise. Eventually, you’ll notice that you feel more alert and focused when you’re reviewing.

Let scent help your memory

Science has also found that scent is an effective tool to help your brain remember details. If you’re going to review your lessons, it would help if you light some scented candles in your room.

You can also use scented oils as memory tools. Experts say that peppermint oil is effective because it’s a good stress-reliever, too. If your stress levels are low, your mind is freer to focus on other things like studying.

Take lots of naps


Studying can be exhausting for your brain, so you need to take breaks as much as you can. Study for 30 minutes, take a 15-minute break, and resume studying for another 30 minutes. After the next 30 minutes are up, take a short nap. By taking a power nap, you can reenergize your brain to become alert again.

These are some simple yet effective ways to help you focus on your lessons if you have ADHD. If you want more useful tips, you can always find effective studying methods online.

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