How to Keep Pests from Entering Restaurant Dining Area

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Despite the many sanitary regulations you try to follow, your restaurant will continue to have pests. It is almost impossible to keep a business pest-free. You will not be able to reach a lot of places where the pest can breed. The kitchen and its walls are full of pests, but restaurant owners do their best to maintain pest control.

The kitchen is a private space, which means that you can deal with the matter without any controversy or consequence. When a pest reaches the dining area, however, you will have more of a problem. Guests do not like to see their food come with an insect.

Here are a few tips to help you keep pests away from your restaurant dining area.

Protect Outdoor Area From Birds

Most restaurants have outdoor dining areas for customers. While it is completely the eater’s choice to eat outside your restaurant, you should take measures to keep pests from disturbing meals. Birds often come flying to customer tables to pick on food.

You need to make it challenging for birds to make it through your outdoor dining area instead of just shooing them away. You can also seek professional help to prevent birds from getting to your customers’ food. You can hire a company that provides restaurants with¬†birds management service here in Salt Lake City.

Set Trash Far Away From Area

The waste bin is notorious for attracting all kinds of pests. When you set your trash can near the dining area, you are almost inviting insects to try going into your customer’s food. You should put your waste bins as far away from the dining area as possible.

If your restaurant is on a top floor, you should install a chute to release garbage to the dumpster. You should always secure your trash bag if you are going to dump it. You also need to make sure that your waste bin has a seal. A closed garbage bin will prevent pests from entering or exiting.

You should also order your staff to throw away garbage during off-hours or upon closing.

Clean Crumbs and Spilled Water Immediately

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Your customers and staff will not be able to clean the dining area at all times, especially during peak hours. Crumbs will fall from plates, and water will spill from cups. Those leftovers attract pests, which makes it essential for you to clean them immediately.

You can supervise the dining area to spot dirty areas. If you notice that crumbs are falling, you should find a staff member to pick up the pieces. It is ideal for you to maintain a clean area at all times despite customer traffic.

Do Not Keep Doors Open

Most of your pest problems come from outside. Insects, bugs, and birds can infiltrate your dining area if you keep the restaurant doors open. A wide door is almost an invitation for pests. You will have to accommodate your guests to operate your business.

But you will need men in your staff to make sure that the doors remain closed. You will also avoid letting smoke and bad odor enter your restaurant, which will help improve the atmosphere and quality of your business.

Aside from delivering top-notch food, you are responsible for providing a high-quality atmosphere and service. Your restaurant will not experience any problems if you keep annoying pests away.

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