How to Encourage and Invite People to Join Your Bake Sale

Bake Sale

If your community needs to raise funds for a cause that it believes in, a bake sale can seem like a great idea. You can all create delicious goods to sell at affordable prices, while people who are interested in both getting themselves a treat and giving to charity buy them. But sometimes, even though it sounds good, it can still have trouble attracting people who want to participate in it. You can use these ideas to encourage at least some to do it.

Get Everyone Involved

Not everyone goes into bake sales for the buying part. Some of them may be more into the making part but don’t have any means for it. Try organising a baking day and provide the recipes, ingredients, as well as tools, such as measuring cups. Your community will have a great time getting together and working towards a goal. You’ll also have an easier time monitoring which treats people will be bringing to the sale. Also, getting your community to make it together can become an interesting selling point later on.

Organise Your Roster

Sometimes, the reason why bake sales don’t have that many people participating is that there’s no push on your part to invite. Some people simply ask others to “come to the bake sale” but don’t have a specific call to action. Do you want them to buy, bake, or promote? In line with this, you can pass around sign-up sheets, either physical or online. There, you provide a way for people to not only know about the event but also choose what their role is and be able to commit right then and there. Also, if you ask sellers to put in what they’re going to make, you can see if you’ll have variety in your offerings.


Make Sure to Advertise

Just because your community is small doesn’t mean that everyone knows about what you’re going to do. Following this line of thought, it would still be wise to go and advertise your event. Often, it’s not the actual bakers that you would need to invite, but the customers who will buy your goods and help you raise your funds. Spread the word, not just through word-of-mouth, but also using the technology that you have today. If your community has its own web page or social media account, you can use that as a platform.

Compete in a Friendly Way

If your problem is the lack of people donating goods to sell, then you may want to start a small competition. You can give an attractive prize to the one who sells the most. Some individuals are attracted by the thrill of seeing if their skills are on par with another person. That is one of those opportunities that you can take if you’re one of them. Of course, remember that this is a friendly competition, as you will all be working towards the same goal.

Bake sales can be enjoyable fund-raising events, but only if enough people are joining it. Otherwise, you may not raise enough funds or have much of an event. Being active in inviting people is key to an increased level of participation.

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