How Gasoline and Diesel Revolutionized the Way the World Works

The industrial revolution kicked off a series of events that made the modern world the way that it is today. That period was a time of change and rapid development of new technologies. Day after day, humanity upped the standards of almost every industry. Inventors pushed out their new products and services to the public with the hopes that these would catch the eye of one or two investors.

To do this, they had to travel around the country and visit every area that they could. At the time, this was made possible by the railroads that connected the country. Soon after, the discovery of oil provided a new source of fuel for transportation for these traveling salesmen. No longer did they have to resort to wood, coal, and steam to power their engines. They already had a more efficient and powerful fuel source for their use. Such a fuel source then developed to the same one people use until today.

History of gasoline and diesel

In the 1900s, sales for gasoline increased as sales for automobiles and airplane tickets rose, as well. With the introduction of the internal combustion engines several years later, oil refineries were then pushed to produce better and more improved gasoline for the public. After all of which, it can be said that the rest was history.

However, there is another fuel source that cannot be discounted. Diesel fuel, which is made from crude oil, needs a different type of engine to work. It was made as an alternative fuel source for the everyday man without depending on larger corporations that usually charged higher for their products.

Modern day uses and effects

Hand filling up a car with diesel

Nowadays, gasoline and diesel are still used for the same reasons they were all those years ago — as fuel sources. But with advances in technology, people have managed to perfect the engine, oil refinement, and oil distribution.

Gas stations are the main commercial areas where people can purchase gasoline or diesel for their cars. It is actually a profitable business to get into, although a large amount is needed to get started on this venture.

One would have to purchase or rent land to place the gas station, get the business permits in order, and order parts from a flow meter manufacturer and other suppliers. So not only can gasoline act as a fuel source, but it can also serve as a business opportunity for those who can afford it.

People have to hand it to gasoline and diesel. Without these sources, there would be no diesel-powered trucks that help transport items and raw materials all over the country. Other forms of transportation such as air, land, and sea travel would also not be possible. While coal and steam power are still available, they are often not efficient to act as primary fuel sources.

Some people tend to take advantage of such things in life. Who would have thought that the gas people pump into their cars has such a history and has undergone a multitude of changes to be the way that it is today?

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