How Does a Signing Service Company Work?

A signing service company is crucial in acquiring the relevant signatures on important documents. Companies like law firms, real estate agencies, and mortgage lenders engage the services of these companies to assist with streamlining the signing process. The YouTube video explores the topic in more detail.

The Operations of a Signing Service Company

A client will request the services of a signing company. The signing company then assigns a qualified public notary to the task.

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These agents possess the necessary qualifications and are available where the signer lives or works. The notary contacts the signer and arranges a convenient time and location to sign the documents. It could be at the signer’s home, job, or a neutral location.

After the signer signs the document, the notary will notarize it if necessary, check to ensure everything is in order, and return the signed document to the client. Upon approval by the client, the signing company receives payment for services rendered. The signing company pays the notary for their services and keeps a portion of the payment as their commission.

Signing companies play a crucial role. The purpose of a signing company is to streamline processes for other firms, agencies, and companies that utilize their services. These companies act as the middle-man by connecting companies with qualified professionals who can perform these services accurately and efficiently.


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