Furniture Alternatives for Your Office’s Storage

Office’s Storage

Even with the increase in electronic storage devices, you will still need to keep hard copies of some of the business documents your business churns. It is essential to have a storage solution for the documents you need to keep as hard copies. Other than the protection of your documents, this keeps them out of the way and guarantees you a tidy workspace. Multiple storage solutions exist for offices.

The best choice, however, lies with an office furniture supplier in Melbourne that also deals with fit-outs. This way, you can benefit from the fitting of the storage solution in your office to match your other décor and fit your space. The following are your leading alternatives for office storage.

Modern Computer Tables

The introduction and near dominance of computers in offices have seen a change in the designs and shapes available for computer tables. Most also come with storage space for files in the form of drawers, cabinets, and shelves above or below the surface for placing the computer.

This form of storage gives easy access to employees when they reach for important papers and files and minimizes the need to walk from one end of your office to another to get a file. Moreover, this option will save on the space taken up by storage in your office.

Filing Cabinets

When people heard of filing cabinets in the past, this meant ubiquitous grey iron cabinets. These have now been replaced by standing wooden cabinets with sliding doors and shelves that can be painted to match your office décor.

A few even have glass fronts that allow a glimpse of the cabinet’s content. The sliding doors mean minimal floor space will be taken up when opening the cabinets. Filing cabinets are the ideal choices for storing files that you do not use daily. You can have stickers on their front faces with alphabets to store the files in chronological order for easy future retrieval.


These can be metallic or wooden with double or single doors. The cupboards feature shelves where you can meticulously stack your files with their spines visible for easy access. Alternatively, you can opt for baskets that will be used for stacking your files and place them on the shelves. Some modern cupboards can have glass doors. These give you unhindered view into the cupboard’s content and depending on their location, will reflect light indoors and ‘’open it up’’.


These are common in the legal and publishing sectors but will match all business sectors. You can use it to display not only books and files but also trophies and awards for your business and employees. Shelves take up minimal floor space and can also be used as décor elements in your office space.

These storage solutions might be just what your office needs to stop losing important files or clean up your clutter-filled space. When shopping for them, you should settle for a seasoned supplier. This way, you can guarantee the durability and exceptional look of the storage piece you will invest in. It will not only be embarrassing but also a safety hazard if you settle for a cheap piece that falls apart occasionally.

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