First Things First: What You Need to Check out ASAP Before Moving to Another City

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Moving is hard. Relocating to another state or city takes a lot of courage. There is no fool-proof formula to how you’re going to survive this new chapter in your life. But before you get into the mental and emotional turmoil of leaving everything familiar behind, focus on the actual logistics of moving to a different city. That means establishing your identity and your residency there.


Think about the financial aspect of moving to another state or city. Find merchant services in Utah or in whichever state you’re transferring. You must close down your previous bank accounts and open new ones. As for your credit cards, call the credit card companies and let them know that you’re transferring to a new home and that all correspondence must be sent there. Do these things at least two weeks before moving so that your finances are already in order by the time you arrive thaere.


You have to establish your identity and residency in the new state. That means getting a state ID, a driver’s license, etc. This is primarily done for tax purposes. If you fail to do this, you might have to face legal impediments in the future. You don’t want your new state to sue you just because you deferred on tax payments. If you have a new job in this new state, ask the human resource department if they can help you with your tax forms.


These are obviously the most important component of moving. Assuming that you’ve already secured an apartment or a detached house, you should also apply for utilities such as electricity, water, gas, and phone and Internet lines. Apply for these weeks before your planned move so that everything is in order once you arrive in your new home.


Whether it’s home, car, or life insurance, you have to set up new insurance policies after you’ve moved to another state. Auto insurance, specifically, is an important hassle that you need to deal with because you may violate the state’s rules if you drive your car there without the proper insurance.

Speaking of cars, you need to arrange how you’re going to get your car there — whether it’s going to be transferred to the new state by a moving company or you’re going to drive it alone. If you’re moving to a new country, you’ll have to sell your old car and pick up another one when you arrive. That’s practical.

Home Security

home security

Set up a home security system for your house. Even if you’re moving in a gated community with guards making rounds 24/7, you’re still responsible for the safety of your family. Choose the kind of home security system that fits your needs. Most of these systems already have dedicated apps that you can control through your smartphones.

Pet Registration

If you’re bringing a pet with you, it’s best to check what kind of requirements the state has. You may need to register your pet or have a chip embedded in him. Do this once you arrive in your new home so that you won’t get into trouble with the law.

Moving is always a highly emotional time for people. Not to mention that it is also a lot of work. When it’s time for you to move, hire a reputable moving company so that you won’t have to worry about the logistics of bringing your stuff to the new state. You can just focus on fixing your new home and making sure all the necessary utilities and paperwork are done.

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