Covid-19 Pandemic: How to Succeed After Graduation


The widespread of coronavirus has affected the future of millions of college graduates worldwide. In the past, entering into a workforce was uncomplicated. But due to the financial crisis many companies are experiencing because of the pandemic, great career opportunities have dropped off significantly.

A recent survey conducted by Indeed shows that 54 percent of students have lost confidence in finding a job after graduation. The other 33 percent say that they’re struggling to find a job in their fields. The pandemic indeed has crippled many industries, but there are still things you can consider to take yourself up for success.

Here are five things fresh graduates should ponder during the Covid-19 pandemic:

1. Apprenticeship Program

Traineeship is a combination of courses and training to help individuals gain professional skills. Depending on the company, an apprenticeship may have several components, but it usually includes the following:

  • Business involvement. The companies develop their own apprenticeship programs with the support of different organizations, industry associations, and apprenticeship councils they’re in partnership with.
  • On-the-job training. The apprentice will have hands-on training with the guidance of a supervisor or mentor.
  • Related instruction. Through academic courses, apprentices can develop and learn more skills that can pave their way to success. Companies usually collaborate with various institutions and community courses to develop short-term and long-term courses.
  • Allowances. Some apprenticeships are unpaid, but others pay trainees for the skills they have gained.
  • Accreditation. Upon completion of the program, an individual will receive accreditation or a certificate as proof that they have obtained a set of skills or training in a special area.

2. Expanding Your Network

Networking refers to the process of building and maintaining a relationship with people. It must be on-going, as a wide network of contacts can get you further in your career. Right after college graduation is the best time to expand your network. It takes time and effort to build one, though.

But with the help of different platforms, particularly social media, you can create a wide array of contacts more easily. Consider sending emails or posting on social media groups about professional events, conferences, informal meet-ups, short courses, and industry-related skills. Over time, you can build a bigger and influential connection that can accelerate your success.

3. Creating a Strong Presence Online

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Job hunting sites are still relevant in getting hired. But according to Human Resources Director, 70% of employers claim that they use social networking sites to research prospective job candidates. Engaging with people on professional media platforms to create a strong presence online is something fresh graduates should consider. You may try Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Post something related to your career, such as relevant articles or graphic designs. You may also join a community that shares the same interests. That’s one great way to create a portfolio online that can attract potential employers.

4. Staying Connected

After tossing your graduation cap in the air, don’t disengage yourself from the friends and acquaintances you made during college. First, they may help you build your network. Second, they may exchange important information such as a recent job opening. You may also refer your colleagues and even receive an incentive from your company.

Although staying connected means banding together, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s no way to keep in touch amidst the social distancing era. You can reach out by staying active in a group chat or following your school’s media outlet.

5. Volunteering in Local Communities

With volunteering, you can make new friends, thus expanding your network. In addition, it can help you develop new skills and discover yourself more. With passion, patience, and skill demonstration, you can even turn it into paid employment!

Volunteering, regardless of whether it’s short-term or long-term, is a great way to enhance your career. Other benefits of volunteering include:

  • Financial aid during unemployment
  • Preventing eviction and foreclosures
  • Gaining valuable work experience
  • Making connections with like-minded individuals
  • Learning more about people and culture
  • Helping and educating children in local communities

Just find an organization that is interesting to you. Even if the organization has no recent opening, you may still try sending them a letter. They may welcome a passionate volunteer like you.

Graduating in the age of Covid-19 has definitely changed the way we think of our careers. But in the midst of uncertainty, there are ways to cope so that you can thrive and still be successful in life. You only need to embrace the changes.

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