Building An RV Park From Scratch: A Community Worth Building

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Many people nowadays see an RV or travel trailer for sale and then suddenly feel a desire to live on the road. The nomadic lifestyle is an interesting one and is gaining a lot of ground. With people moving around constantly in their mobile homes, many people are finding ways to provide service, products and even possible communities where these modern-day gypsies could live. Here are some tips on building and setting up an RV park to benefit the local community.

Find The Right Land For It

The foundation of your RV park is the land and location. While it is possible to buy an existing property, you likely want to build where no RV park has been. This provides you with a fresh market with a clean reputation. You also have a couple of options. Your property might be for transients on the way to a popular location like a national park or a simple place to stay. With the nomadic lifestyle, a quiet place to stay around for a few months can be a good thing. Take note that you’ll need to contact the local government for zoning permission since an RV park can be a major project. This is true if you buy a large plot of land.

Work With A Landscaper

While you can buy some empty land and declare it to be your RV park, the land still needs attention. You need to clear trees and make roads so that people can get to them. The landscape is important. The area needs to be flat and able to accommodate your target number of campers. But it would be best if you also had proper landscaping for maximum drainage and a healthy environment.

Getting The Right Permits And Insurance

There is also the issue of permits. Running a campground will need permission from the local government. You likely need to meet several requirements involving health and safety to get the permit. Besides those, you will have to pay a fee. Additionally, like any business, you need to get insurance. Many things can go wrong on a campground, and you’ll want some protection from them. Look for a plan that has a wide coverage so that your property can have full protection.


Spend For Infrastructure

When you run an RV park, there have to be several utilities available to those who plan to camp. The most important ones are water and electricity. RV and trailer homes have their built-in sources for these, but they are limited. When campers want to relax, they need these resources easily available. Besides basic water sources, your campers will also desire a way to bathe outside of their trailer along with other bodily functions. This is where a good communal bathroom and toiler can come in handy. Finally, the internet is a necessity when it comes to modern living, especially in a nomadic lifestyle. Your RV park should have a powerful Wi-Fi connection. You can make it a free connection or have it be part of the fee.

Emphasize Accessibility

Another factor to consider is how accessible the RV park is. Trailer homes and RVs are larger than normal. If your roads are not big enough to accommodate them, visitors will not be able to get into your property. Besides the roads, the spaces for the RVs should be wide and spacious. People don’t like to be pressed together when they are camping. Give each visitor the appropriate space so that they would be able to relax and do what they need to do.

Affordable And Reasonable Pricing

One of the biggest challenges is to have proper pricing for your RV park. You need to be able to make back what you invested in the RV par but also need to attract customers. Do some market research to see what comparable prices are there. You can potentially raise the price if you provide additional features. For example, picnic tables allow your campers to eat outside which they would appreciate. Another upgrade that you can potentially have that can justify raised prices is a dog park. People love their pets, and they can appreciate paying extra for luxuries for them.

Any influx of new people can help boost the local economy. With an RV park in the vicinity, you’ll have people coming in for a variety of reasons. Some will be there to camp for recreation, while others will be coming to stay for some time then move on. While they are there, they can buy from local stores and put money into the community. Being profitable can also mean that the RV park can give solid tax revenue to the local government.

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