Boating Accident Prevention and Proper Response


Owning a boat can be pretty relaxing. There’s nothing like going out on to the water and feeling the rocking of the waves. You might even fish a little or enjoy the wide expanse of the water. But it isn’t as idyllic as you think. Accidents happen everywhere and you need to be ready for them.


Here are some tips on how to prevent and prepare for any possible boating accidents you can encounter:


Never Get Drunk


One of the big temptations, when you go out on the water, is to relax. For some people, this means getting a bit drunk. If you are the captain, then you should not partake. A drunk captain is someone who can’t control the boat properly. This can lead to a variety of accidents. You will need to be aware of everything to keep the boat safe. Stock up on non-alcoholic drinks and snacks. As for your passengers, limiting their alcohol intake is a good idea since you don’t want them falling overboard.


Keep Your Boat in Good Shape


A major cause of boating accidents is that the boat is not in top form. If you want to ensure no accidents happen, you need to take steps to keep your boat in good shape. This involves everything from keeping the fuel tank filled up to ensuring that the engine is in great condition. Before you leave port, you should check everything. Besides that, even when in port, you should regularly do maintenance on the various parts of your boat so that it will be seaworthy when you go out on the water.


Have Emergency Gear


Always have emergency gear ready on your boat. If anything, you need to have a life jacket for everyone aboard. This ensures that if your boat sinks or someone goes overboard, you have something that will keep them afloat. Besides that, you will need a first-aid kit to ensure any injuries don’t get worse. You will also have to come up with a plan for various emergencies that might pop up. This way you can respond appropriately.


On the Receiving End


No matter how much you prepare or take care, there is always a chance that someone else might cause an accident. Whether it is a speeding motorboat or some drunk captain, being the victim of a boating accident is not a fun experience. If your boat gets hit by another, you should not panic. If you suffer an injury, try to get some first aid. Your boat will likely have some damage so you should document it.


To get proper compensation for being the victim, you will want some proper documentation so take pictures immediately. Then hire an experienced personal injury lawyer in Miami, Florida and other coastal locations who have the experience in such cases to ensure that you don’t lose money because of the accident.


A boating accident is no joke. Considering the size of the boats involved, the smallest accident can still cause considerable damage, not to mention getting hurt on the water can be disastrous. That is why you should keep the tips above in mind. You never know when you might get into trouble when you're out in the water.

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