Automation: Why it’s Crucial for Your HR Department

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Automation was once seen in a negative light because people thought it would replace human workers. There’s even a website that measures how likely it is for a job to be taken over by a robot. However, that panic has subsided a bit because experts, like the ones from public policy organization Brookings, found that automation isn’t here to take over careers. It’s here to work side-by-side with humans to improve both productivity and quality of work.

One of the biggest industries to benefit from automation is human resources. Automation makes every HR process, from onboarding to advanced data processing, easier. According to the society of human resource management, about 17% of HR processes will be automated in 2020.

Here’s how automation can improve your Human Resources department.

It Enhances Onboarding

One of the most important yet repetitive tasks that an HR department must accomplish is onboarding. When an applicant comes in, your staff has to manually collect and check their documents. Then, they also have to administer the necessary tests before getting to the all-important interview stage. This can take hours or up to a whole day to finish.

With an automated onboarding platform, candidates can send in their documents electronically days before they head to your door for an interview. You can also send them digital integrity tests for employment ahead of time.

You Get to See the Big Picture

Data collection and analysis is also vital, but very difficult and time-consuming to do. With an automated system, data gathering for hiring metrics, employee performance, and more can be gathered through online forms that workers and managers answer. The data is then processed by your software and presented through easy-to-understand, real-time graphs and charts. The information you get is especially helpful for finding possible bottlenecks in your HR processes, so you can deal with them as soon as possible.

It Provides Quick but Precise Results


With an automated HR software, every form that workers fill out follow the same template. As such, the data you get is consistent. And because they’re all processed by the computer, they keep human intervention and error to a bare minimum. You can create hiring and employee engagement strategies with confidence, knowing you have accurate information at your disposal.

You Keep a Tighter and More Efficient Team

Because the brunt of the repetitive work is done by a computer, you don’t have to hire project-based workers to help you out. Your company gets to save cash that it can allocate to more important matters. Little to no manual activities lets your staff focus on more creative and high-impact work like facilitating interviews, creating plans to improve employee engagement and recruitment, and more.

Automation is not here to replace your HR staff. In fact, it’s a tool they can work with to improve their productivity and quality of output. It also makes the hiring process more convenient for both your recruitment team and your candidates. With all the great benefits of automation to your HR department, the question is not if, but when you’ll adapt to it.

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