4 Unusual Advertising Strategies to Get People Talking About Your Company

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The business game has been going on for so long that it is starting to get difficult to come up with surprises. You might probably be able to come up with a list of the most common advertising strategies used by companies and identify over a hundred items. The problem with overused marketing tools is that they may start to become familiar. If you want your company to stand out, you need to pull something out of a magic hat and hope it gets the people talking. When they talk, your customers might increase. If you are willing to take that shot, here are a few ideas you need to try:

Challenge the Rival

Business rivals might try to stay away from each other to prevent lawsuits and other problems when making advertisements. However, it does not mean that you cannot ruffle a few feathers. Rival companies will be looking for ways to make their business stand out, which means that you are in danger of becoming obsolete to the eyes of the buyer. If you challenge your rival in your advertisements, you will let the people know that you are ready for a fight. The scene is present in the fast food and technological industries, with top-flight rivals trying to one-up each other through shady commercials and posters. The tension increases consumer interest, which is beneficial for both parties. However, you must remember your limits when it comes to challenging your rivals through advertising.

Bring the Ads to the People

It is almost impossible to walk on the streets of a modern business city without seeing billboards and posters of companies. Everywhere you look, you will find advertisements that are hoping to pique your interests. You might think that your business will benefit from this type of marketing, especially if the locations are near your retail stores. However, you will find that not everyone is looking at the posters when they are walking by. People will be staring at something moving, which is something that every company overlooks. Commercials benefit from this, which is why businesses pay the big bucks for it. You should consider surrounding your advertising strategies on moving objects like buses or taxis. You will be bringing your company to your buyer, which is better than waiting around and hoping people will see your posters.

The New Business Card

Business cards are essential to companies that provide services. Law firms and real estate agencies often require their employees to have business cards with them at all times in case a potential client arrives. However, the small piece of paper might lose its appeal. If you want to engage your customers better, you should consider making a few changes with your business card. You can come up with a lot of gimmicks for the advertising strategy, which is why your creativity will be your limit. One example is using custom coins, which will pique the interest of your potential clients because of its unique features.

Social Media Buzz

Everyone is always tuning in on social media, which is something every company needs to make the most of. Fortunately, social media platforms provide businesses with the flexibility they need. You can offer something new every time you make a post. If your advertising strategy manages to create a buzz on social media, you can expect growth in sales for your company.

Advertising will always be an effective tool for businesses. However, it is up to you to help your company stand out over your competition. With these unusual tools, you will be able to make your brand look and feel unique.

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