3 Activities for the Long Weekend, Vacation Season, or the Holidays

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Long weekends, vacation season, or the holidays, these are times you can give to yourself. It could be a time for relaxation, exploration, and bonding with family and friends, so it’s best to make the most out of this free time and create fun memories.

Many choose to go on adventures such as a road trip or spending the weekend in an RV. Others try to explore extreme sports such as freediving, while others prefer a more artsy approach by learning a new hobby such as painting.

Go on a road trip in a trailer

There have been several movies that feature people going on road trips in a van. There’s even a cartoon hit featuring a family living in an RV. It should be a refreshing experience, right? And don’t worry if you think there will be conflict because movies and TV shows need those, so they don’t usually occur like that in real life.

There are different types of RVs. One of them is towable campers that do not move on their own. They need to be on top or inside trailers to allow transport. Campers for sale in Louisiana are available, so you could explore your options before that long weekend or holiday arrives.

A road trip is a fail-safe way to bond with family and friends because you are forced to spend a long time with the same people in the trailer. Sometimes, road trips are gateways to self-reflection, either while staring outside the window or just waiting until the destination. Roadtrips also open people to exploration and immersion in nature.


For more extreme adventure-seekers, freediving is an unbelievable way of exploring the vast blue sea. Freedivers are trained to go hundreds of feet underwater without diver gear. The most that they could have are fins, snorkel, goggles, and that’s it. They hold their breath and fight the increasing pressure as they go deeper into the water. Some men can free dive 420 feet.

For beginners, taking it slow is essential. Beginners can start by holding their breaths for 15 seconds repeatedly. They can also practice first in a pool to know more about the dynamics of the body when freediving. Most of all, beginners should seek professional training to learn proper techniques and prerequisites.

Learn to paint

If you ask most artists, they would agree that art is, in itself, an adventure. There are tons of self-discovery and imagination taking place. There will also be frustrations in which artists have to push through to pursue their fields.

This could be part of the process when learning how to paint. However, painting has a lot of mental health benefits, such as stress relief. Art has always been known as an avenue for self-expression, so whatever you’re feeling or going through usually manifests in your work. Therefore, this could help in the confrontation of feelings that could lead to healing and healthier mental health.

The takeaway

Whatever you choose to do in your free time, it’s very beneficial to make it productive. Taking care of yourself is a top priority. Therefore, taking time off is essential to the cycle of life.

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