10 Reasons Why Good People Leave Their Jobs Behind


Why do employees leave their jobs? Why do some companies have a hard time retaining their employees and stop them from walking out the door? We have listed some of the top reasons people give for leaving their workplaces. 

10 Reasons Why People Leave the Workplace

10. Financial stability of the company. 

Poor sales, plummeting stock prices, layoffs, and other similar instabilities make employees fear for their future. If your company continually experiences these things, you will find your employees packing their things sooner than you expected. 

9. Flexibility in working arrangements. 

Most workers are trying their best to maintain a healthy work-life balance, especially at home. Companies that require too much time from their employees and are not flexible enough to understand that they also have lives to live outside of the workplace will continue to experience high attrition rates. Learn to work with your employees and find out how you can also serve them to make them more efficient both at work and at home. 

8. Poor communications. 

Bosses and employers that fail to communicate with their employees regularly make them feel that they don’t matter as people and are only utilized as tools. Maintaining a healthy line of communication between both parties send them the message that you care for them as individuals, as people. 

7. Micro-managing supervisors and bosses. 

Any employee that feels like all they do is being scrutinized and criticized under a microscope will not feel any sense of joy in their job. This kind of scrutiny leaves them feeling underappreciated and gives them a sense of imprisonment. Let them be creative. Allow them to have a little freedom to grow. 

6. No recognition. 

Give credit where credit is due. Always. Do not be the type of employer or manager that likes to take credit for everything. Give your employees the recognition they deserve for contributing to the company. This is not just soothing egos but is all about appreciating the hard work they put in. 

5. Better compensation and salary packages. 

One of the top reasons why people work is to make money. If they feel the salary or compensation they are receiving is insufficient, it is inevitable that they will look for greener pastures. Talk to employee benefits providers in the UK to know how you can give your employees more competitive compensation and benefits packages. 

4. Under-challenged employees. 

People are always up for a challenge to prove what they can bring to the table. If a person feels underutilized, they lose a sense of value and importance and will seek to have that validated elsewhere. 

3. Unmet expectations. 

Every employee that gets hired has certain expectations from the company. A lot of these expectations will be coming from management. If their expectations aren’t managed well, if there is no transparency from the employer’s side, then once disappointment sets in, expect to see your employees walk out the door. 

2. Terrible superiors. 

Management is one of the top reasons why people will choose to stay or leave. In the same breath that good leadership qualities want to make people stay, bad leaders repel employees and make them loathe going to work every day. 

1. No career advancement opportunities. 

According to LinkedIn, this is the main reason why good folks leave companies. If they see that there is no room for career growth and what they have is a dead-end job, they will most likely look for better opportunities that will allow them to flourish as individuals.

Most, if not all, of the reasons stated above, are under a company’s control. If you decide to do something about it and make the necessary adjustments, then your attrition rates will be kept to a minimum. You not only get to enjoy productivity from your employees, but you also get the chance to grow with them as you grow your company together.

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