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Five Learning Agility Traits You Need To Keep From Failing

Tweet In today’s world of high velocity change, conference organizers, meeting professionals and association leaders need to be more agile than ever. Adapting to new business models, working with virtual teams, identifying ongoing macro, industry and organization trends that will impact customers, and using predictive analysis are just some of the traits today’s leaders need….

Technology Mastery Is A Must To Succeed Today

Tweet Many of you will lose your leadership position in five years or less unless you embrace three major technology areas needed to survive. ~ paraphrase author, business owner and technology guru Scott Klososky. Leaders today are going to be forced to make a choice: either they will improve their technology vision and culture or…

When Leaders Really Matter [PPT]

Tweet   Here is the PPT slide deck from my recent presentation for CoreNet Global Summit-Orlando on “When Leaders Really Matter: Becoming Indispensable.” When Leaders Really Matter: Becoming Indispensable from Jeff Hurt What are tips you’ve learned at becoming an indispensable leader? How can you identify complimentary skills to your strengths?

How Do You React To Change?

Tweet We are living in revolutionary times! Often, these changing times require a fundamental shift and reinvention of how we live, work and play. Yet, not everyone copes with change the same way. Six Coping Mechanisms For Change Here are six coping mechanisms identified by author Hans Finzel in Change Is Like A Slinky. 1….

Leader, How Do You Lean? Opportunistic Or Risk Adverse?

Tweet 2 x 4 is half of 16! All for opportunity do the lean-a-lean! A lean-a-lean a-lean-a-lean, a-lean-a-lean. A lean-a-lean a-lean-a-lean, a- lean-a-lean. Do you remember that school cheer? I can remember my high school standing and “doing the lean” to show our support for our team. So leader, how do you lean? Are seen…